The Corporate and NGO Reality Check

You have probably just finished your high school or got done with your first college degree and you are wondering what next for your life, since this first phase of your education is over and done with. Around this time is when you begin to think about applying for the various job opportunities out there. This exercise can be gruesome and at times very demoralizing especially when you start to notice that the more jobs you apply for, the more rejection letters come your way. Perhaps you have asked or have been tempted to ask yourself that tough question many avoid, am I really good enough for these job opportunities?

Truth is, there is a very high probability that you are qualified or even over qualified for some of those job opportunities. However, the conversation that everyone evades is of the reality that there are just not enough corporate or NGO job opportunities to cater for all applicants. You have probably applied for the same opportunities alongside one thousand or more other equally qualified or over qualified candidates. Those organizations are probably in search of one or on extremely rare occasions two candidates from the applicants. I recently came into some new insight on this vacancy issue that at times, these opportunities are floated for the sake of promoting current employees within the organization, the idea of announcing the vacancy to the general public is merely to make the exercise seem free and fair to all.

You may have been amongst the lucky few, who secured that job opportunity in that corporate or NGO when you applied for the vacancy. However, a time came when you had to grow your career. This prompted you to go out there and seek graduate or doctorate level degrees in order to be more competitive in your industry or even stand out in case of vacancies at your place of work, that is if you were eyeing that top job. I am sorry to bust your bubble but there is an even bigger reality check here. A conversation that you need to have or have already had with yourself or with your peers is that of putting everything in perspective that the Corporate or NGO already has the qualified candidates in that position you are eyeing or to your disadvantage, them who earned their papers way before you, thus by virtue, they should be considered first depending on their level of output or job competency. This is when you start to consider applying for opportunities at other corporates or NGOs and soon find yourself in the very same boat with the newbies mentioned above.

There you have it. The corporate and NGO market as is, cannot sustain all of us. There are very limited opportunities to go by in this space. This is a reality you always have to keep in mind as you apply for other opportunities in the near future. My challenge to you would be to consider the entrepreneurship way. The one or many nice ideas you have or had that one time. It’s high time you developed these into businesses and help create more job opportunities in an already starving environment. I am determined to shed insight of how one can go about the startup process and get to a position of self-sustainability regardless of what it is that they decide to venture into. For now, let me leave you absorbing these reality checks.